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What is Perfectionism Costing You?

I’ve been thinking about what it means to be perfect. We’ve been diving deep into this conversation in The Practice® this week, and I would love to hear your thoughts.

Where does perfectionism show up in your life, and what is it costing you?

As far as I can see, in all the women I meet (myself included) perfectionism is taking a toll. It shows up everywhere.

In our relationships.
In our careers.
In our parenting.
In our homes.
In our bodies.
In our yoga classes.
In our Facebook feeds.
In our expectations of others.

And perfectionism is expensive. It costs us everything.

Our Health.
Our Self.

We strive to be something we’re not for the sake others. We try to keep up and show up as if everything is all tucked in and buttoned up just right. And we do this at the expense of ourselves. We hide behind the veil of perfectionism, hoping that if everything is lined up perfectly (or at least looks like it is) life will finally feel better and it will all make sense.

But perfectionism is an illusion.

What it costs us is what we crave the most.

So how do we challenge this tricky illusion? How do we shake it off and show up as we truly are? Well, maybe we say yes to spontaneous sex in the living room when usually we say no. Maybe we leave the dishes in the sink and meet a friend for coffee instead of cleaning. Maybe we have the neighbors over for dinner, even though the house is a mess. Maybe we let our daughter wear her rain boots in June if she wants to. Maybe we go to a yoga class even though there are a hundred emails in the inbox, we don’t have a good outfit, and we feel like shit.

And what would be the worst thing to happen if we did? Sex, good connection, laughter, one less fight, and feeling better in our bodies and minds?

Seriously, what would happen if we loosened the grip of perfectionism, and just said Fuck That?

This is the stuff we talk about at Bloom. This is the juicy, yummy stuff you can only dive into at a woman-only yoga studio. We go deep, and we come out stronger. Through our connections and conversations, we find inspiration and safety to just be whoever we are, perfectly imperfect.

Our yoga and fitness classes are ongoing, and you can jump in at any time. We would love to have you. If you are new to Bloom, be sure to grab a free first class.

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Stop hesitating, fuck perfectionism, and get in here. It is time.

P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts on perfectionism. Comment and let me know what is coming up for you. Where does it show up, and what is it costing you?

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Michelle Long, MA
Founder of The Practice®
and Bloom Retreat

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