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Angie Uhle

Angie Uhle

True Healing takes time and commitment. My work integrates a unique and multi-faceted approach to balanced skin and body treatments by utilizing a blend of modalities, nutrition, holistic products, self-care, and home-care. I’m passionate about helping women create new, healthy habits based on personal needs and lifestyle. When you work with me, you can expect results. You will feel heard and cared for.

For more than 15 year, I have helped women in all stages of life to achieve and maintain beautiful skin and healthy bodies. My specialty is working with pre and postnatal women. I am a certified prenatal, labor and postpartum practitioner, a holistic esthetician, and massage therapist with a degree in Holistic Nutrition.

Be Happy & Healthy,

Elsa Perez Dean

As a registered dietitian nutritionist, my passion is inspiring others to discover and maintain vibrant health at any stage of life. My commitment to help others make changes comes from my own personal transformation in life – a profound physical, mental, and spiritual shift that awakened me to the healing force of natural foods and conscious living. I began to develop my own approach to health in mid-life, exploring whole foods based cooking and alternative medicine after a physical breakdown. Since that time, I left my twenty plus year career in corporate architecture and interior design and obtained my degree in nutrition from Bastyr University with a focus on holistic nutrition and whole foods cooking. What started as a passion project for self-healing has transformed into an ever-evolving life journey and career.

I work one on one with individuals as a nutritional counselor, motivational eating psychology coach, and whole foods nutrition educator. Years of experience in the corporate world and clinical settings have deepened my skills and expanded my perspective profoundly.

I believe that we each have an innate power of intuition and wisdom that can guide us to make the diet and lifestyle choices that serve us best. To that end, I’ve dedicated my practice to guiding clients to create healthy lifestyles through a whole-foods, mind-body approach that educates and empowers them to make lasting change.

Georgie Weston

My most important job and the most intense training I’ve ever done: raising my son & daughter as a single Mom. I was facing my new parenting job with woefully inadequate training & tools so I went looking for better ones, resulting in much of the trainings I’ve done. With time my guiding principles for raising two young human beings became clear, keeping their Hearts & Souls healthy & whole! I am delighted to say they have grown into two people I am completely proud of, love dearly and am grateful to know. All the knowledge and training I gathered on that journey I now share with my clients.
Helping a Woman honor her Heart & Soul and bring her full self to her life makes everything she touches more beautiful, whole and vibrant. That is the focus of both my coaching and my somatic work. I’ve trained and worked as a Somatic Therapist for 25 years, studied and trained with shamans, scientists, and many wise women as well as some very wise & awesome men!
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What matters most are the values that guide my life and inform my work and those are:
• To show up & be as present as possible everyday.
• To consult my heart as fully as I do my mind.
• To speak & act with clarity & kindness.
• And my ongoing quest to find and practice the skills that
go into being a healthy human being and a vibrant, wise woman.

Dr. Janna Hansen

What changes would you like to make in your life? Have you ever wondered what else is possible with respect to your body, life and health? I bet you will be amazed at the generative potency of your body. I grew up in the Bay Area in a family of nurses, which opened my eyes to the realities of health care in America. A chiropractor moonlighting as an RN told me, “You are a healer. Don’t you want to help people before they die?” I became her patient and she turned my power on! I decided to apply to chiropractic school and graduated valedictorian of my class.Now, I’m singularly focused on helping people get well and stay healthy. I specialize in rocking your world and helping your body find more ease. This means gentle, precise structural adjusting combining physical rehabilitation and soft tissue work. I work with all ages and adjust the spine as well as extremities (hands, feet, hips, knees, shoulders, any joint!). I will straighten you out and get you back on the road to feeling fantastic! I am also a momma to my sweet daughter, Heidi. She is the love of my life. As a mom, I have that perspective and personally understand pregnancy, postpartum and mama-specific physical issues and can help you make the best of those stages.

Leslie Dinatale

Natural cycles…night and day, winter and spring, loss and birth…continuously affect the balance of energy in our bodies. An imbalance in our energy can leave us depleted physically, mentally and emotionally. We can also experience accumulated tension. Receiving the incredible, beautiful, caring power of human touch can bring us closer to balancing that precious energy by clearing away any blockage in body and mind. Balancing our energy allows us to truly breathe in life. That breath of life creates and nourishes the human spirit.

I received my certification in Massage Therapy from a massage institute in Walnut Creek 20 years ago. The school was founded and taught by a charismatic blind woman. Her perspective of intuition through touch has been invaluable to my practice. I also studied classical piano from a young age and that experience made it easy to ask my hands to apply the nuances of musical technique and performance to my massage treatments. My massage education has had a heavy focus on prenatal care. I have observed and assisted in the miracle of childbirth as in my sister’s labor and delivery. We welcomed my nephew just a few days before my graduation as a CMT. Since then I have continuously practiced massage around the Bay Area. Honing my skills, I have taken courses in acupressure, shiatsu, LaStone therapy and other modalities. Currently I am exploring the magic of youth through the eyes of my two young children as they discover the world.

Let’s spend some time together. Take good care of yourself, you deserve to be treated well.

Tammie Ginocchio

I am a nationally certified massage therapist and yoga teacher with a passion for healing arts. When I was young I dreamt of becoming a dancer  – perhaps I am still growing towards that dream – along the way I found yoga. Finding yoga was the movement I had been craving. Eventually, I found my way to Byron Bay, Australia to deepen my yoga practice and participate in a teacher training retreat. While there, I lived with two massage therapists who shared their knowledge of massage. I began to learn the art of massage therapy and slowly added a few simple massage practices to my yoga teaching. It was then that I realized that I had found my true passion. I traveled to Costa Rica where I completed intensive massage therapist training and committed myself to massage therapy. In the nine years since I have been a massage therapist, I have found abundant joy in the time I have spent with my clients. I am continuously in awe of the beauty and magic of touch as a means to care for the body, mind and spirit.