Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance

Meet Paula Orozco: “I’m a spiritual teacher and guide, and combine over 15 years of experience in the fields of psychology research, coaching, energywork, and spirituality. I guide women to access and trust their inner wisdom. The women I work with receive clarity, gently release old blocks or patterns, and receive the support needed to live fully beyond their fears. My deepest desire is for you to learn to be the healer of your own life, trusting your soul’s wisdom, and finding peace and joy within”. Paula offers both her Soul Wisdom and Channeling Sessions to help you connect deeper with yourself.

Soul’s Wisdom Session

Learn the language of your soul and communicate with ease. You have the ability to connect to the part of you that is wise and knowing, and can provide all the guidance you need. Connect and bring that wisdom into your daily life by taking a journey to be both the grounded and spiritual woman you truly are.

In this session you will learn to listen and follow your intuition. You will gently release fears and emotions weighing your body and energy down. You will find clarity for the questions or challenges that feel confusing, scary, or overwhelming. You will find out how your inner wisdom speaks to you personally, and leave feeling clear, grounded, and light. Learn a practical, simple way to receive guidance from your body, heart and soul, and clearly see the next action steps needed.

The Soul’s Wisdom Session is perfect for you if…

  • Experience confusion or indecisiveness 
  • Struggle to release challenging emotions (like worry, overwhelm, or fear)
  • Desire clarity on your life’s calling
  • Seek spiritual growth
  • Struggle releasing challenging blocks within relationships
  • Want to feel more creative
  • Desire more joy in your life
  • Are facing big life decisions 
  • Are in the midst of personal or professional transitions
  • Need support with self-care

Channeling Session

Enjoy a personal channeled message from spiritual higher guides. Our guides are friends who are always available to offer encouragement, and help us discover more choices. They always speak with love and compassion, and help us achieve new levels of personal power and spiritual growth.

Clients often report feeling the energies of love, healing, hope, joy, safety, and faith, as the messages are received. Paula will guide you in a gentle, grounded conversation as she connects to her team of guides, including ascended masters and angels, and the guides supporting your personal life’s path.

A Channeling Session is perfect for you if you…

  • Desire clarity or validation for any area in your life.
  • Already believe in spiritual guidance and desire to explore it deeper.
  • Want to feel more connected to your inner wisdom, to others, to life.
  • You want to learn which guides are available to support you.

In each session you will…

  • Receive validation for what you sense intuitively but feel uncertain of.
  • Ask the guides questions and receive guidance on any area of your life.
  • Grow your awareness of what would be healing for you and your life.
  • Connect to the love, light, and healing wisdom from your guides.

Soul’s Wisdom Session

When you trust yourself and your soul to take care of you there is no dream that feels too big, no challenge that feels too hard. Your inner guidance will show you each step you need to take, and your trust will help you take the leap of faith required to move forward with confidence, while feeling supported and loved.

initial 75 mins, $225, follow up 60 mins, $150

Channeling Session

Paula will guide you in a gentle, grounded conversation as she connects to her team of guides, including ascended masters and angels, and the guides supporting your personal life’s path.

60-minute session, $180

Introductory Channeling Session

In this 30 minute session you’ll get to explore a specific worry, fear, or challenge in your life. You’ll receive intuitive guidance from Paula, and messages from her team of spiritual guides, including angels, ascended masters and higher teachers. You’ll walk away feeling lighter, clear on which steps to take next, and connected to your inner knowing once again.

30-minute session, $50