Holistic Psychotherapy

Holistic Psychotherapy

As women we are asked to do it all – work, family, parenting, relationships, etc., and often life can feel overwhelming. Nicole George-O’Brien, MFT has a passion for supporting women and helping them remember who they truly are while finding peace in the chaos.

Nicole is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist bringing a holistic approach to her practice. Holistic therapy recognizes that our minds, our emotions, our bodies, and our spirit are all inherently connected and influence one another. We will look at what’s going on in these realms and how we can bring them in to balance. She looks at your whole picture and how to help you remove blocks keeping you from living a life you love. She is deep and and down to earth. This is not your everyday therapy experience. It’s perfect if you are struggling with major life changes, anxiety, relationship or parenting issues, depression, PTSD, and work life balance. She loves working with couples, new moms, and children as well.

Experiencing Some of This?

Nicole loves to support women who might be experiencing some of the following:

  • Anxiety and Panic – Feeling like you are “waiting for the other shoe to drop”, experiencing loop-like worry thoughts that you can’t turn off, experiencing physical symptoms such as difficulty breathing fully, hypervigilance, or sleep disturbance
  • Adjustment struggles – Adverse reaction to changing roles or situations or confusion about what is next
  • Depression and Depressed Mood – Low energy, no motivation, finding less joy in the things that used to fulfill you, feeling alone and dark or self-critical about who you are and what you deserve
  • Parenting Issues – Behavioral problems or struggles with emotional regulation
  • Postpartum Adjustment – Body image or physical and emotional issues; birth trauma or unexpected experiences with labor and delivery
  • Phobias – Fear of driving, public speaking, intimate relationships, career advancements.
  • PTSD – Post-traumatic Stress Disorder from the exposure to violence or accidents
  • Addiction and Addictive Behavior
  • Relationship Issues – Divorce, separation, unresolved stress, parent/child relational concerns
  • Loss – of someone or something that was important to you or feeling like you have lost part of yourself
  • Professional Work/Life Balance – ongoing struggle to find and maintain a balance in a demanding world
  • Identity Confusion- feeling lost, like you aren’t living your full potential or you have become someone less authentic than you would like to be

Individual Psychotherapy

Beginning with intake we will work together to identify the desired places of change, rediscover resiliency and strength and set a course of treatment to get you feeling and living better.  Initial intake of 80 minutes required for first session.

Initial Intake 80 mins $240
Follow up 50 mins $165, 80 mins $240

Couples/Family Therapy

Often stress in a relationship or family unit is difficult to identify and process on our own because we are naturally impacted and often blinded by our own perspective and emotion. The process of a structured couples or family session can make large impacts to improve relational functioning within a safe environment. Written plan delivered after the first session. Initial intake of 80 mins. required for first session.

Initial Intake 80 mins, $255
Follow up 50 mins, $180, 80 mins, $255


A great way to enjoy the benefits from therapy is in community. Nicole believes that deep healing can happen when we are surrounded by women facing similar challenges. Nicole will be offering various groups throughout the year. See our events page for details.