Divine Feminine Coaching

Divine Feminine Coaching with Georgie Weston

As a coach and somatic body worker, I’ve been helping women embrace their lives and make kinder, healthier changes for themselves for over 25 years. Drawing on my diverse background that spans women’s studies, ancient cultures and quantum physics, I help you make desired changes on your journey as a woman. Coaching is not meant to be a therapeutic, or a deep dive into ones past or wounds. While these deeper concerns may touch the areas that coaching addresses, I am here to help you access your goals and any possible blockages to reaching them. It would be my honor to support you in meeting your challenges and living your dreams. 

What I love to do is help a woman shed her limitations and step into her true radiance, power and life giving essence.

Most of us are familiar with the model of ‘ get it done’ ‘power through’, ‘no pain no gain’, but trying to function in that model doesn’t work well for us women! As women we have our own pathways to living a fulfilling life and it can be done with less burn out, overwhelm, and exhaustion. Even if your desires and goals have you in that demanding model, there are tools and techniques to use that can support you finding more ease and grace in everything you do. In Divine Feminine Coaching I support you in bringing your full self to life while working with the gifts of a woman’s biology and essence.

Divine Feminine Coaching will benefit you if…

  • Your body is sending you SOS messages and you know it’s time to listen and make big changes.
  • You want to step into more of your radiance.
  • You desire greater calm and balance in daily life.
  • You are feeling blocked in fulfilling a dream.
  • You want to embrace healthy power.
  • Too often YOU end up at bottom of your to do list.
  • You’re ready to shed limitations.
  • The sweet spot of loving your life is eluding you.


Introductory Session

In this intro session you share a specific area of concern or challenge and we will take a focused look at it together. I listen to you deeply, reflect back to you with compassion & clarity, and together we craft a customized tool for you to use going forward.

30~40 mins, $70

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are offered to support you along your path. We will dive deep in our initial session together and co-create a plan to best support your personal needs and goals.

Initial Intake,  $225
Follow up, $150

Custom Packages

The best results will come from consistency and showing up for yourself again and again. I offer custom packages to best support your needs and goals, plus save you money along the way. Packages are highly recommended and encouraged.

Inquire within for details and pricing.