Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Janna Hansen

What changes would you like to make in your life? Have you ever wondered what else is possible with respect to your body, life and health? Do you crave a more personal and loving chiropractic experience?

Dr. Janna Hansen is focused on helping people get well and stay healthy. She loves to help your body find more ease. This means gentle, precise structural adjusting combined with physical rehabilitation and soft tissue work. Janna loves working with all ages and stages. A session with Janna is not your typical chiropractic visit. She takes her time to get to know you, and her sessions include deep tissue work, massage, and a whole lot of love. You walk out feeling refreshed, supported, loved, and with ease in your body.

Adult Initial Exam

This 60-90 minute visit includes: A deep dive into your life and health so that we can get to know each other and work as partners to help you heal — Listening. Sometimes just getting it out is the first step to feeling better. I am all ears for everything. — A physical examination, including orthopedic and neurological tests, so I can find out exactly what is going on. — Time to explain everything so you feel informed and empowered. — A plan. You will leave knowing your next steps towards health and wholeness. You will feel held. — Please note it is required to have this exam prior to any adjustments. This initial appointment can be combined with an adjustment session if you wish (recommended).

Exam w/o adjustment: 60 mins, $150
Exam w/adjustment: 90 mins, $220

Extended Adjustment + Bodywork

With the combination of a gentle adjustment to your spine and extremities plus energetic and deep bodywork, this is known as my most magical session. Come be heard and listen to your body. Get tuned up and loved up. In this session I target specific joints and regions or address the whole body. We may add rehabilitative elements: myofascial release (deep, specific muscle work), trigger point therapy, postural retraining, stretching, and manual traction or exercise demonstration. Get pampered. This session is offered with love and completely up to you and where you want to take it.  Initial exam required for first visit.

30 mins, $100

Pre- and Post-Natal Pampering

Does your body need a little love and support? Do your feet hurt and shoulders ache? Hips feeling wonky? Do your neck and low back need some attention? During this session, I will address whatever is bothering you: Gentle adjusting to the joints that are out of alignment. — Address the soft tissue with light or deep muscle work if you are up for it. I always work with your preference. — Adjust your feet and work with the plantar (bottom/sole) so they can adapt better to what you need from them. — Specific stretches and mama-centric rehab to get you tuned up. — Check you for diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and get you on track to repairing your core. — Webster Technique for Breech or sunny-side up positions. — Trained in the MamaLates method and a Birth Recovery Specialist.  Initial exam required for first visit.

45 mins, $130

Myofascial Bodywork + Active Release Therapy

Sometimes, you just want body work without an adjustment. This session is perfect for you because I will For address the soft tissue muscles, tendons, and ligaments so your body functions better as a unit. Lives under stress cause stress in the body. This stress can result in tight muscles that feel like painful knots. These tight muscles and correlated ligaments, tendons and sheaths become inflamed and do not function correctly. This session can include deep tissue massage to specific myofascial release called Active Release Technique (ART). You will feel deep release and ease in your body again. Perfect if you need to target a specific area of the body.  Great for adding on to Extended Adjustment.  New clients must have 30 minute standalone appointment.

Initial and Standalone: 30 mins, $100
Add on increment: 15 mins, $50

BARS Energy Work/Play

This practice is taken from Access Consciousness. It involves inviting your body to release stuck energy and judgments and limitations that may or may not be aware of. The thoughts, feelings and emotions we have create electromagnetic energy in the brain. According to Access there are 32 points on the head that connect to different aspects of your daily life and being. For example, communication, money, sex, relationships, joy, etc. Having these points gently touched allows stuck stuff to be released. This session is very relaxing and opens up new potential where you are currently feeling blocked.

45 mins, $100

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Exam: During the initial visit we discuss any current issues as well as perform a pediatric physical exam including specific orthopedic and neurologic tests to determine next steps towards correcting any problems at hand. This is a very relaxing experience for the child. Parent or guardian consent is required for this visit. Adjustment: A very gentle, precise adjustment to the spine to correct any misalignments. Children benefit immensely from being checked and respond very quickly. Perfect for supporting children with issues related to digestion, sleep, behavior, posture, chronic illness, ear infections, learning, and any kind of pain. I utilize craniosacral technique as well as a very gentle tool called an Activator. Infants are seen for free when a family member is under care.  Initial exam is required for first appointment.

Initial Exam w/o adjustment: 30 mins, $70
Initial Exam w/adjustment: 45 mins, $95
Adjustment: 10-15 mins, $25