Events & Workshops


    December 2017

    • Sex, Pleasure, Bliss

      • 12/01/2017
      • Friday
      • 7:00pm - 9:30pm
      Are you feeling unfullfilled, bored, or disconnected in the bedroom? Do you dream of finding joy and connection with your partner again? You are not alone.
      In this special workshop, led by Jan Robinson, M.A., tantra expert and master sex & intimacy coach, you will learn simple yet scintillating foreplay formulas designed to take you from sexually empty and unfulfilled (due to hum-drum routine, hormonal changes, or lack of affection), to passionate intensity, deep connection, and bedroom bliss.
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    • Moon Journey

      • 12/03/2017
      • Sunday
      • 7:00pm - 9:00pm
      Throughout time, women have gathered during the new and full moons to support, heal, and lift each other up through life’s challenges. December 4th brings the Full Moon, which is a time of surrender, release, and illumination of what you want to draw into your life.
      On this special evening, Shannon Hopkins will guide you through a shamanic drumming journey, where you will relax into a deep meditative state, and deepen into yourself. A shamanic journey is a central feature of Shamanism where through ritual and drumming, one travels into an altered reality or the “spirit-world” for the purpose of gaining information, wisdom, and healing.
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    • Baby Bliss Infant Massage

      • 12/04/2017
      • Monday Afternoons
      • 2:00pm - 3:00pm
      This 3-week mini series shares the art and magic of baby massage as a way for you to deepen your bond with your child and provide you with deeper connection. You will learn surprising clues to communicate with your wee one, understand movements as communication, feel the energy of discontent and how to relieve it, and learn ways to help induce sleep, ease fussiness, and guide digestion. This is a time to connect, share magic together, and get trained to be a baby whisperer.
      Led by Dr. Janna Hansen, the class creates a mellow environment and will take place on a communal warmed blanket on the floor with bolsters for parents.
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    • Holiday Pamper Party

      • 12/07/2017
      • Thursday
      • 6:00pm - 9:00pm

      It’s that time again! Take time out for a special night out at Bloom! Make a date with a friend, or come on your own and enjoy time away to pamper yourself. The night is filled with Free mini pamper sessions, movement classes, wine and cheese, and holiday shopping. We are stuffing our boutique with all new jewelry, clothing, candles, and skin and body produces. A girl’s dream come true!

      Space is limited. Sign up early and in advance, as there will be no tickets sold at the door.

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    • Yoga in the Wild

      • 12/10/2017
      • Sunday
      • 9:00am - 12:00pm
      Join our resident yoga goddess, Liz Kelly, for a very special day out in the wild. Nothing calms our minds and our senses like nature. During this hectic time it is important to slow down, and reconnect to what is real.
      On this journey, Liz will guide you on a hike into the wild, where your mind can relax and quiet down. She will also lead you through a gentle, connected, yoga experience. Breathe fresh air, move your body, connect with nature, and enjoy deep conversations with other women.
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    • Mother Wisdom Circle

      • 12/11/2017
      • Monday
      • 10:00am - 12:00pm

      The transition to motherhood is often difficult and mysterious and we believe sharing wisdom is a wonderful way to soften the ride. In the Winter quarter we will be introducing new prenatal classes and our Mother Wisdom Support Circles for new moms. Come join wise woman Lynn Chiarello, a seasoned mother, long-time midwife, and women’s health specialist, as she leads a circle in the wisdom of mothering.

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    • Magic Manifesting – Vision Boarding 2018

      • 12/17/2017
      • Sunday
      • 1:00pm - 4:00pm

      Come sit in a circle, led by Kate Helber, to generate clarity on what you want to manifest, conjure and empower in 2018.  We will work together to open up your subconscious to what you are seeking to bring into your life, and clear anything blocking the way. Together we will create vision boards that will be your anchor for the coming year.

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    • Winter Solstice Candlelit Yoga & Sister Circle

      • 12/20/2017
      • Wednesday
      • 7:00pm - 9:00pm

      The Winter Solstice marks the darkest and shortest day of the year. At this time, Nature asks us to slow down, go inward and retreat, be with loved ones, and listen rather than speak.

      This candlelit yoga experience, led by Liz Kelly, will guide you deep into yourself, help you slow down and find that inner quiet, and dream with a circle of women.

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    • The Practice® New Year’s Eve Manifestation Retreat

      • 12/31/2017
      • Sunday
      • 9:00am - 1:00pm
      Join Michelle Long, Founder of The Practice® and Bloom Retreat, for this very special New Year’s Eve Day Manifestation Retreat.
      Together we will dive into who we are today, what we want to release from 2017, and what we want to welcome into the new year. The journey will be the essence of The Practice®, where you will touch deeply with your truth and connect with that inner voice that always knows the way. The morning will be filled with heart-felt conversation, sacred listening, journaling, and meditation, followed by a feminine yoga practice designed to bring you back home to yourself. You will feel sensual, alive, quiet, and connected in your body.
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    The Practice® Women’s Yoga and Leadership Training

    A 9-month immersion into the teachings and philosophy of The Practice® – a combination of women’s yoga, sacred circle, and feminine leadership. 

    We need a new kind of yoga – a yoga just for women. We need a practice that is responsive to what women need. One where it’s safe for us to show up just as we are. Where we get to make the rules, move our bodies in ways that feel good, connect, share, and heal together. We need a yoga practice that honors us completely. One where soft is the new hard, where we can practice receiving instead of giving, and where we can learn to surrender instead of to push.  It’s time we start listening to our own bodies and our deepest wisdom and ask what yoga looks like for a woman.

    Join us for the next training starting September 2017.

    January 2018

    • The Practice®

      • 01/08/2018
      • Sunday Mornings, Monday Evenings, or Thursday Mornings
      • 12:00am - 12:00am

      The Practice® is a cathartic experience of yoga and connection taught by Bloom founder Michelle Long. It is a blend of feminine yoga, self-love, and a deep sense of sisterhood. Each week you’ll meet in a sacred women’s circle, move your body to amazing music, dive deep into conversations, journal, cry, explore new parts of yourself, release tension, and find strength and grace through authentic connection. The Practice® allows you to lift the veil of perfection and show up just as you are—imperfect and ready to become whole again.

      Offered at one of these convenient times:
      Sunday mornings from 9:30-11:15am, starting January 8 (Please note there will be no class on 2/18)
      Monday evenings from 7:00-8:45pm, starting January 9 (Please note there will be no class on 2/19)
      Thursday mornings from 10:00-11:45am, starting January 12

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    • Kids & Tween Yoga Series – Winter 2018

      • 01/11/2018
      • Thurs Afternoons
      • 4:00pm - 6:00pm

      with Jenny McCarthy
      Kids (ages 4-11) 4:00 – 4:45 pm
      Tweens (ages 9-12) 5:00 – 6:00 pm

      These engaging classes explore yoga poses, cooperative games, breathing, and relaxation exercises, as well as teaching kids about self-expression, body-awareness, and social skills. All of our classes are offered in ten week sessions. We have found that the kids thrive in yoga with consistency of their practice and getting to know the same group of kids over an extended period of time.


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    • More Programs at Bloom Retreat

      Our schedule is constantly evolving.  Please call for more details or click on the link below to see our full schedule.

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