Our Story

The Story of Bloom

Welcome to Bloom Retreat, a wholeness center for women.

As women we tend to give pieces of ourselves away – to our families, careers, and loved ones. It can be really hard to create space for the life we dream of. We often end up feeling tired, broken, lost, and alone. Bloom creates a sacred container for each of us to feel held, nurtured, and part of something meaningful.

Bloom is a wholeness center, meaning we are here to support all of you—body, mind, and soul—and help you put back the broken pieces so that you can remember who you truly are.

We can find wholeness when we commit to ourselves, connect deeply with other women, and find a place where we belong. Bloom is set up to help you do this.

At Bloom we are on a mission to bring women together in community and sisterhood using yoga, movement, and wellness as vehicles to open us to each other and ourselves. We offer specialized yoga and movement programs, including The Practice® and our Bloom Signature Series, all focused on empowerment, commitment, and connection. We also offer holistic wellness services including massage, acupuncture, therapy, and chiropractic care to support all of your needs. It is a very personal experience, where everyone knows your name and you feel seen.

Bloom gives you permission to return to yourself and come home to your tribe.


One of our biggest struggles as women can be commitment and devotion to ourselves. We commit to everyone one around us, but not to ourselves. At Bloom we know that change and growth require commitment. That’s why we offer specialized yoga and movement programs based on the commitment model. You get to schedule your workouts like you do other appointments—at the same time and same place each week. This will keep you accountable to your goals and help you achieve the life you long for. We also offer Devotion Packages for each of our wellness services. These are a chance to design your own custom healing program with our practitioners and have a team of wellness professionals supporting you along the way.


As women, we crave authentic connection and community. But in our culture, it is often difficult to connect and form close friendships with women who get us. Everything we offer at Bloom is set up to help you connect with other women. Each class, service, and program at Bloom is laced with heart-felt conversations to help you connect to yourself and see that you are not alone in your struggles. As women we want to talk about real life, love, the messiness of it all. You don’t just come to class and then leave, like other yoga studios. You get to hang out, have a cup of tea, chat with friends, and get to know the community. This is what is beautiful about Bloom.


At Bloom, we lead from a place of sisterhood. Instead of a top-down, teacher/student approach, all of our teachers and wellness practitioners are in it with you. Our staff are just like you—they get it. They’re here to help you, lift you up, and see you shine. Whether you are taking a class or having an acupuncture session, you will feel held and seen. Because of this, there is no more hiding behind judgment and perfectionism. At Bloom, you get to let all of that go, and show up just as you are.

Michelle Long

Michelle Long, Founder

I’m Michelle Long – dreamer, yogi, mom of two, and founder of Bloom Retreat and The Practice®. This is my story.

The idea for Bloom Retreat started long ago, in the middle of the night while I was rocking my colicky, 3-month old baby to sleep. At the time, my mom was dying of breast cancer. My life, my world, and everything I knew to be true was being turned upside-down. That night I had a vision of a healing space where women could come together and support each other in community, love, and authenticity. I had a vision of Bloom Retreat.

So I set my heart on building this sanctuary. My dream was to create a space built by women for women, with yoga, movement, wellness services, and anything else that could bring us back to ourselves.

Since Bloom Retreat opened its doors in 2012, it has continued to evolve. At first I thought it was simply a special place for women to come to and take care of themselves. But as I got to know the women in our community (and myself) better, I started to understand a deeper need, which I realized was the reason that we are really here, and what we are really doing.

You see, my mom wanted to be well, to feel better in her body, and to pursue her dreams, like all of us do. But things always seemed to get in her way. She was held back by guilt, lack of self-worth, putting everyone else first, not being able to carve out time, and the fear of change…. I knew this at the time, but at Bloom I was seeing these same things show up for my clients. It’s like my mom’s struggles were being reflected back to me through Bloom.

So I started asking big questions. Why are we not showing up for ourselves? What is getting in the way? What do we really need and desire? What can I create that actually serves these women (and myself) in the way that we need?

women's yoga class

This process of questioning became something of quest that lasted years and pushed me to my edge and then over it. It made me surrender. Then I had a second vision.

I realized that we need more than just access to services. We need a sacred container to hold us through the transformation process. We need a structure that will help us stay devoted to ourselves. We need other women. We need community.

So to address this need, Bloom has pioneered a new model for women’s self-care based on devotion, connection, and sisterhood. Our specialized yoga and movement and programs create a sacred structure to help you commit to yourself in a new way. Our wellness services, offered by women just like you, can support you in your efforts to heal and to feel your best.

This model works like magic. Since putting it into place, I’ve seen women create lasting connections and friendships, transform their bodies, open their hearts, show up for themselves in a real way, and heal—the way I originally envisioned it.

This is my work. This is why Bloom Retreat is here.

To glowing women, and lives gorgeously lived,

Michelle Long, Founder

Who We Are

  • We are soul-driven women committed to creating lives we love.
  • We know that taking time for ourselves is the secret to living vibrant & fulfilled lives.
  • When we feel good in our bodies we are strong, confident, and calm.
  • We surround ourselves with like-minded women who cheer us on.
  • We spend time in places that bring out the best in us.
  • We practice speaking our voices and letting out our roars.
  • We follow our passions, and these feed our souls.
  • We aspire to be the women who inspire our children.
  • We live to create the lives of our dreams while our children watch our every move.