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Welcome to Bloom Retreat, a tribe of women fiercely devoted to ourselves and each other.

At Bloom we are pioneering a new model for women’s self-care based on self-devotion, connection, and sisterhood. We specialize in yoga and movement programs based on the commitment (to yourself) model. Each signature program is designed so that you can schedule your workouts and self-care like an appointment, you have a container to hold and nurture you, and you can connect deeply with other women.

Which program will serve your soul?

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December 6, 2017
Begin. FREE Acupuncture and Holistic Psychotherapy Sessions…

Begin. How many times have you said you will start tomorrow? You will make that call. You will take that first step. And then tomorrow turns into next week or next month And you never make the call? There is a quiet nudge that persists. Deep inside of you. Go. She Says. Now is the time. Take that first step. Begin....

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