“Bloom is one place where I feel like I can take care of myself without compromising my commitment to anyone else.”

09_entryI love that I can nurture myself through yoga classes, a special treat like a massage, or a wellness check-up with an acupuncturist. Bloom is one place where I feel like I can take care of myself without compromising my commitment to anyone else.
—Cheryl D.

Bloom is helping me to open up and stay more connected to my deeply innate qualities. I didn’t realize how badly I need the time Bloom has given. Connecting to like-minded women has helped too. Bloom is the village our society is greatly lacking these days. I look forward to utilizing more services and finding grace through nurturing myself. —Jamie C.

“Bloom is for people who want to balance their busy lives with self-care.”

Whether I am taking a yoga class, getting a massage, enjoying tea and conversation, or hunkered over my laptop working at a table in the living room, when I am at Bloom I am in a nurturing space, amongst people who are practicing balancing their commitments to others with their care for themselves. —Cheryl D.

“When my alarm clock blared at 6:00 a.m., I thought ‘Bloom flow.’”

The other day, when my alarm clock blared at 6:00 a.m., instead of thinking, “ugh, another day” or “back to the grind,” I thought “Bloom flow.” After taking yoga classes at Bloom for the past year, I have learned to apply the classroom practice to daily life. Instead of feeling like I’m stuck in a rut, I think of my day as my “flow.” I notice how I am responding to the “flow” today. I notice when I am flexible and accepting, and I appreciate those moments. I notice when I am rigid and resisting, and I breathe into those tight spaces. I am grateful for the ways yoga has expanded my joy, tolerance, and peace. —Cheryl D.

I love yoga, which I never thought I would be able to say! I have taken classes at other places, and the teachers at Bloom are highly skilled. They are very calming, patient, and encouraging. Michelle’s Mindful Flow class is my stress-relief therapy! —Haley H. 

down dog_sm“Bloom is a reminder to breathe…to nurture the nurturer.”

Bloom is a reminder to breathe, to put yourself first so you can be all you can be to your kids and family, to nurture the nurturer. I wish there was a Bloom on every block corner! If you haven’t already, check Bloom out and take time to be a better you. —Tracy R.

The whole place has a very nurturing, calm atmosphere! It’s beautiful and cheery and everything has an uplifting feel! —Holly W.

“I love the energy of it.”

I was going to Sarah’s core class three days a week and I noticed more toning in my arms and tummy. I love the energy of it and it is efficient use of my time. —Rachel T.

Michelle’s Morning Yoga Class was truly uplifting. It was so comforting to hear her talk about just slowing down your mind, and not getting so caught up with everything you have to do. —Annalee B.

I feel so blessed to get to practice yoga at Bloom alongside my mother-in-law (new to yoga, thanks to Michelle and Bloom), my mom’s sweet cousin and her daughter, and so many other beautiful bloomies!—Nicole M.

“Bloom is a sanctuary, a temple, a sacred space”

Bloom is a sanctuary, a temple, a sacred space. It is a place full of unconditional love & nurturing. It can be a place to just get a good work out while your child is being well cared for, a place to socialize & catch a break or a place to go deep within to find healing. All of the tools are at your finger tips at Bloom depending on where you are on your journey, even depending on your mood that day. I am just grateful such a place exists. Thank you to Michelle, her vision, and for having the courage to create such a space. —Kara P.

When I walked into Bloom, I felt like I was walking into the ER in heaven! Such loving, kind souls, only there to help. I felt like a fool crying while meeting Michelle, who was there to help and provide support in any way she could. Bloom is a blessing to the community! —Gina M.

I began coming to Bloom shortly after I quit my full time job, took my son out of daycare, and became a work-from-home Mom. It was a huge transition, and Bloom has been my lifeline! I can take yoga, and get some computer work done in a peaceful environment all while my son is playing in the next room. I know he is flourishing and benefiting from being around the other great kids, and I am a much more patient and present mom after we leave. —Haley H.

This is such a wonderful place. You owe it to yourself. Just walk in the door and you will feel how special it is! —Amy B.

“I have a felt sense of support in my body that extends to my child and my family.”

I am so much more open, and have a felt sense of support in my body that extends to my child and my family. I have gained a profound sense of community, support, and the necessity of self care now more than ever. I am amazed at what I can do for myself and my family. I am so grateful for Bloom and share its story with every other amazing women I meet! —Libby K.

I have longed for a community of women that “get” me. It’s so nice to be a part of the community here and have some awesome women to talk with and who get what you’re going through. My mind is more peaceful when I’m at Bloom. —Shauna B.



I started the Co-working Mastermind classes and am so happy this came into my path! Exercising, breathing, taking time for myself, and starting to carve out my business are all because I found my path to bloom! I love this place! —Shauna B.

“He was leaving Bloom excited, more animated, and truly joyful – no denying he had a blast in there!”

My 2-year-old had been in part time childcare previously, so I was not too nervous or hesitant about putting him in the Bloom kiddie room. However, I immediately saw the difference in the two experiences. He was leaving Bloom excited, more animated, and truly joyful – no denying he had a blast in there! —Haley H.

Bloom is such a wonderful space for your child(ren)! The childcare area is a happy, lighthearted space full of fun things for kiddies. Moms, treat yourself to a retreat at Bloom! Remember when you take care of you, your whole family benefits! –Holly T.

Our two babies were being entertained and very well cared for by Bloom’s childcare workers. My 2½ yr old son didn’t want to leave! Both of our kids have a history of high separation anxiety, but to my surprise, in the 1 1/2 hours we were in class, not once were we interrupted. Thank you for bringing such a beautiful wellness center to the East Bay. Every mom in every city needs a Bloom. I will be back, because Bloom has helped me see that I deserve it :-) —Linda B.

“My daughter wasn’t open to other childcare but she loves it here.”

Initially I was worried I wouldn’t be able to use Bloom’s childcare with two kids. I didn’t know if the intimate vibe could meet all my needs, and Chloe wasn’t open to other childcare but she loves it here. —Rachel T.

My son is always excited to see which woman is working in the kiddie room when he arrives. He loves all of them and frequently asks about them. They take care of the kids and love on them as if they were their own, and you can’t ask for much more than that as a mama! –Haley H.

It’s a unique place especially because of the childcare and local, caring vibe. Who is not happy at Bloom? —Jolene R.

“The whole place has an excellent vibe.”

living room_sm

I really enjoy the music tastes of the employees, I love the indie, alternative and folk rock I’ve been consistently hearing – very cool. I’m even digging the chanting music in yoga class, and the pop music in the cardio classes – whoa! The whole place has an excellent vibe. —Annalee B.

Restful, caring, relevant, casual elegance. A brilliant idea, perfectly executed. —Alicia J.

Bloom is the place I know in the back of my mind is available when everything falls into place. But, more often, it’s the place I want to go when nothing really does. And after I leave there, places and things don’t matter anymore… —Jennifer P.

Sometimes my kids make me go on “Bloom day” when I don’t feel like getting us all out the door, but I’m always glad I did! —Sej M.

There’s no place like Bloom. It’s a haven, where we find our “Self,” a creative space, a community, an inspiration, a support, a home away from home, a spiritual practice, a place of self-care. Bloom is LOVE. What do you think of when you think of Love? You will find it at Bloom. You might even be surprised to find that your children, partner, or parent, will find love at Bloom too. Bloom has something for everyone. —Nicole M.